This is an invitation to sentimental travellers, to those who love a tourism, where the unexpected,  the unusual and the transient prevail.



This is an invitation to all those who are prepared to revise their way of travelling, who love to take the time to emerge into the local culture and its beauty.


Whatever your interests (nature, architecture, history, art, cooking) the Val d´Orcia will never stop overwhelming you.

Anna and Francesca, the owners of the house, can advise and lead you to whatever you would want, with as a starting point their fascinating period house, that will lodge you in the historical centre of Monticchiello.

It will be very simple to organize visits to characteristic villages and little towns full of art, driving through the strade bianche (the unique typically Tuscan, sandy, dirt roads) in the countryside. To emerge into the fascination of a landscape that is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, to taste and smell the aromas  of an ancient and sapient cuisine. To  be taken away by the intense colours of the local wines.

If you are interested we can arrange for you to visit caseifici (cheese makers, who make hand made cheeses according to old local recipes), where to find the best Pecorino di Pienza (cheeses made of sheep milk), wine tasting cantina and vineyards where you can taste very highly esteemed wines such as Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Rosso d´ Orcia,

Vin Santo and small producers of excellent olive oils.

We can inform you about the weekly markets where local farmers sell their very fresh and seasonal  products and the addresses of handicraft Masters of wrought iron, copper and terracotta. You can learn how to cook some delicious and typical Tuscan recipes and we can provide you with the addresses of "trattorie" where you can taste local food for very reasonable prices.


Experiencing Tuscany this way, our guests leave with the feeling that they really and thoroughly got to know the

Val d´Orcia and not only visited it.